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MrHolden's Animations

Yes, I know there's not much here at the momement but be patient...
(And if you've got any ideas for groovy animations, mail me!)

This rendered animation is a twist (GRIN) on the endless stairway pictures. (9.8k)
I tried to do another version with a slinky instead of a ball but it gave me nighmares!!

This is George Harrison, apparently on the run from the cops. (13.6k)
The animation is 2D and taken from the abbey road cover (that's the one with the crossing)
(Hum, after looking at it on a PowerMac it looks like it needs Gamma correcting?!)


My idiogram for HyperLinks. (12.2k)
Yes, I know this one's on my homepage but it is nice right?


A simple 2D morph. (16.3k)
(Why do all my animations loop..?)

Feel free to use any of these pictures on your own pages

George Harrison says "Get back" to my homepage.